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Test accelerators in 3 easy steps

SHA-3 and SHAKE hashing function

The SHA-3 and SHAKE accelerator provides hardware accelerated hashing functions compliant to NISTS’s FIPS 180-4 and FIPS 202 standards. This accelerator can run up to 6x faster than the openssl software library when hashing packets whose size is larger than 100MB.


GUNZIP decompression

The GUNZIP decompression accelerator provides an hardware-accelerated gunzip decompression. It can decompress archives that are compliant to the RFC 1952 GUNZIP File Format Specification, up to 10 times faster than CPU decompression.


TAR.GZ compression

The TAR.GZ accelerator provides hardware-accelerated TAR and/or GZIP operation up to 25X faster than CPU equivalent. Generated TAR archives are POSIX compliant. Generated GZIP archives are compliant to the RFC 1952 GZIP File Format Specification.


coming soon // Video Transcoder - H.264

The H.264 Video Transcoder accelerator decodes a H.264 input video stream, processes the decoded video stream and then encodes the output video stream to the H.264 format. The transcoder provides high speed (low-latency) and high video quality transcoding from H.264 streams of any profile.


coming soon // Video Decoder - JPEG 2000

This accelerator decodes JPEG 2000 video with unrivaled quality and high-speed. It is well suited to boost video decoding in digital cinema, broadcast, defense, storage and video surveillance applications. This accelerator is compliant with the ISO/IEC 15444-1 specification.


TRNG - True Random Number Generator

The TRNG accelerator provides an hardware-accelerated True Random Number Generator that exploits electronic noise to provide random bytes.


GZIP Compression

The GZIP accelerator provides an hardware-accelerated gzip compression up to 25X faster than CPU compression. Generated archives are compliant to the RFC 1952 GZIP File Format Specification


Ultra Fast Search & Replace for Data Analytics

The Ultra Fast Search & Replace for Data Analytics engine accelerates whole words Find/Replace operations in ASCII files. This engine runs up to 6,000 times faster than a sed (stream editor) command. As an example, one can search 2,500 distinct entries in the entire Wikipedia archive (60 GB) in just 6 minutes. In comparison, it would take over 16 days on a traditional CPU.


JPEG Encoder

This accelerator is capable of encoding in real-time BMP video on-the-fly while producing standard JPEG compressed format. It does not require any processor nor any external memory but run on FPGA instances. The application runs faster than real time video in Full HD.



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